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Meditation is Hot Today           |           National Conference Call: Sept. 10           |           Age of Synthesis Interview

Meditation is Hot Today
By Corinne McLaughlin

Did you know that top managers at Google learn meditation techniques—not to become more peaceful, but rather to speed up and become more creative?  The program is called “Search Inside Yourself.”

Did you know that Al Gore meditates regularly and that an Ohio Congressman, Tim Ryan, recently toured the country promoting meditation in his new book “A Mindful Nation”?

Did you know that everyone from the U.S. Marines to stars like Richard Gere, Madonna and Goldie Hawn practice meditation?

Time Magazine reported in 2003 that over 10 million Americans practice meditation, and the numbers have probably doubled since then. I’ve been teaching meditation for over 30 years and I’m very happy that meditation has finally been embraced by the mainstream culture.  Now people no longer think I’m weird, as they did 15 years ago in Washington D.C. when I was teaching classes on Creative Meditation at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and elsewhere. 

But more importantly, many people can now more easily discover this powerful, ancient approach for finding inner peace amidst the crises and intensities of modern life.  And when you begin a regular practice of meditation, you’ll experience a transcendent spiritual Presence in the stillness.  You’ll raise your frequency and so experience a new sense of well-being and authentic happiness.  With all the warp speed karma cleaning going on today, we can all use some positive support.  And at the same time, you’ll discover that meditation is ultimately a powerful form of service for helping humanity.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation taps us into a sense of hope for the future--which we especially need today---and provides inspirational ideas for creating a better world. Meditation helps to reduce stress, and develops a sense of inner peace, joy, and strength.  Scientific tests have shown that meditation can lower your blood pressure, improve your memory and creativity, and strengthen your immune system.

Scientists like Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisdom have proven that meditation produces more gamma activity in the brain which leads to a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

On a spiritual level, meditation strengthens your intuition, opens your heart, and helps clear out negative emotions.  It helps you purify and discipline your mind, awakening and freeing it in order to directly perceive reality or truth.  Meditation helps you develop detachment from your physical and emotional reactions to outer events, through what’s called “the stance of the observer.”  And most importantly, meditation strengthens your alignment with your soul and helps you discover your higher purpose in life.

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National Conference Call Meditation

Radiating light and love for Planetary Healing and Transformation

Monday, September 10  8pm to 8:30pm Eastern Time (5pm to 5:30pm Pacific Time)

Call 1-605-475-3200 code 344107#

(Please join call within 5 minutes of start time to not disturb the meditation)

Age of Synthesis

with Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin

Hear Corinne and Gordon's fascinating interview on a Los Angeles radio station on Cutting Edge Consciousness with film maker Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels

Listen to Interview


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