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Good News: The Impact of Greater Light on Our Planet Today
© 2013 Corinne McLaughlin

Have you felt the amazing spiritual energy flowing into our planet this year and the energy upgrades that are affecting all of us in various ways?  Welcome to the Age of Light!

Have you recently experienced an energetic download that causes an internal shift and a spiritual tune-up, making it easier for you to become aware of your higher purpose and to be more fully present in the moment?  Many people today are reporting that they are now more drawn to inner, meditative practices as well as to more collaborative group activities and service.

What is the cause of all this?  If you’re experiencing something subtle but unusual lately, one of the causes may be the intensified solar waves radiating the earth recently.  On May 1 of this year, for example, there was a solar eruption of what scientists call a coronal mass ejection (CME) — a type of sun storm that can fire off billions of tons of solar material at more than a million miles per hour.  As humans, we are profoundly affected by the sun and its heightened activity.

There is now evidence of increased light on the planet, which was scientifically verified by CERN in Geneva, the world’s leading physics lab, as reported in Science magazine. CERN has recorded cosmic radiation that is intensifying daylight on earth as well as providing more light at night.

The effects of this solar shift include a revelation of what has been hidden, increased transparency and collaboration, the synthesis of opposites, and the circular economy. 

Greater light speeds up evolution, affecting all life and all aspects of our being—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. It helps reveal the inner light within each of us—the inner wisdom of the soul.  If you are committed to personal transformation, this inflowing light on the planet will most likely have a positive effect and help with your personal purification process.  When it impacts your physical cellular structure, it causes cellular memories to awaken and clear, which can energize your body. It can also help calibrate your lower emotions to a higher and more positive frequency, so you can more easily release sadness, fear or anger if you choose.  It will magnify the effects of your thoughts and so make it easier to attract what you need into your life. 

On a collective level, the increasing light is revealing much negative energy that needs to be purified, such as the corruption and injustice that are becoming more visible today in so many institutions worldwide, especially in financial, governmental and religious organizations.  The light is empowering millions of people to speak out in mass demonstrations against injustice and to demand their rights for a cleaner and fairer society.

The inflow of greater light is also making it easier to find solutions to humanity’s problems and to co-create a new world.  Many people are waking up, shaking off their isolation, and joining with others in various forms of service and in spontaneous creative activities.  Over 50% of Americans were involved in volunteer work this last year, according to an Aspen Institute survey published in Time magazine.  The younger generations are especially engaged in volunteer service.  Service and generosity are very evident in the wildly popular crowd-funding initiatives, where people freely support the good causes and creative start-ups of people they’ve never met through small financial contributions.

A growing group consciousness in humanity is being expressed worldwide in the amazing phenomena of flash mobs--large groups of strangers spontaneously dancing, singing or playing music together in public spaces for the pure joy of it.  Flash mobs illustrate the creative genius and generosity of the human spirit when free to express itself.

“Med Mobs”--meditation flash mobs--have spontaneously gathered in over 300 cities around the world, from the Texas legislature to the Wall Street Occupy camps. These Med Mobs have silent meditations together for planetary peace, which reveals the widespread commitment to using meditation to help change the world. 

Over 16,000 people practiced yoga in Times Square on the Summer Solstice this year, demonstrating that you can experience inner peace anywhere, no matter how noisy and busy.  And this sense of inner calm naturally brings more harmony to your environment and to others.

The greater light on our planet is drawing thousands of people to the practice of meditation for greater well-being in their lives. Meditation training has spread to major corporations, schools, prisons and even the military, as it helps reduce stress and increases creativity, thus leading to greater productivity and profitability. Doctors and nurses are widely recommending meditation for reducing stress and improving health.

A leading edge series of conferences in Silicon Valley called Wisdom 2.0 has featured executives from social media giants Twitter, Facebook, and Google speaking about the mindfulness meditation training they offer senior managers and other staff. Mindful meditation develops awareness, loving kindness and interconnection with others, according to Jack Kornfield, a world-renowned spiritual teacher at the conferences.  And the companies are embracing it because it’s great for the bottom line.

A popular new website,, is a major web portal featuring many meditation teachers, courses, videos, CDs, etc. from all spiritual traditions and practices, serving the booming interest in meditation.

 Hundreds of meditation apps are now available online. The Huffington Post teamed with Heart Math to offer “GPS for the Soul” and help people de-stress by measuring their stress rate and then playing guided meditations, calming music, or inspirational videos to return to a state of calm.

The interfaith movement is growing exponentially around the world, as people of different faiths become more educated about other religions. This is significant because as people become more tolerant and understanding, it reduces religious conflict worldwide.  For example, the United Religions Initiative now has over 600 cooperation circles with people of diverse faiths in 84 countries worldwide who dialogue together and create peace-building activities.

The new spiritual light flowing into the planet is also awakening people to environmental crises and to their love for the earth. The younger generation has been especially catalyzed to study how nature does things, applying the principles of permaculture for reusing, recycling and reclaiming resources to restore resiliency and bio-diversity.  Permaculturists create edible landscapes, living rooftops, compost teas and food forests to provide a sustainable future for humanity.  The growing new science of biomimicry studies nature's models and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems in a practical way, catalyzing new businesses.

The increasing light on our earth is also energizing a new “circular economy”—a sharing rather than an ownership economy, where everything from cars to clothing to technology is being shared and circulated.  “Zip” cars are shared by thousands of people in urban areas for an hour or a day; rented clothing is recycled, cleaned and rented out again, and many people “pay it forward”--gifting spontaneously to complete strangers.

The increasing light is also making it easier to transcend old rigid categories and polarities.  A new synthesis is emerging everywhere, from hybrid cars to fusion music that blends diverse genres.  Rigid gender stereotypes are being transformed in every area of humanity activity from sports to science. A new transpartisan politics that synthesizes the best of both liberal and conservative views is being born in the midst of the angry, adversarial politics of the past.

With so much good news and solutions emerging everywhere, we each have many opportunities to more fully embrace the inflowing light and make a significant contribution to the New World.  And help is always available from our spiritual friends in the inner spiritual dimensions and in the cosmos—all we need to do is to call it in.


Corinne McLaughlin is Executive Director of The Center for Visionary Leadership in the San Francisco area and co-author of The Practical Visionary, Spiritual Politics and Builders of the Dawn.  She directed a national task force for President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development and is a Fellow of The World Business Academy and the Findhorn Foundation and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.





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