on a Higher Vision for Our Nation
by Corinne McLaughlin

Imagine that you are standing before a great pyramid, like the one pictured on the U.S. dollar bill, with such massive sides that you can barely see the top; with steps on each side leading to the top. 

Notice that there are four sides to this pyramid, and on the other three sides are groups of people who embody a certain perspective on the world--a set of values, political and religious beliefs, cultural assumptions, etc.—that are different from yours and yet  different from each other.  For example, your group may be Christian …another group may be Muslim or Hindu or Atheist….Your group may be liberal…another may be conservative or radical or apolitical, etc.


Now imagine that your group, as well as the other three groups of people, are all climbing up the sides of the pyramid;


With each step that you climb, you begin to feel lighter, clearer, and more peaceful….it’s as if you get a new perspective on things as you climb higher….


As your group reaches the top of the pyramid, there is a large platform where you can stand and look at the breathtaking view all around you;


As you look, three other groups, all different from you, also reach the top from one of the other sides of the pyramid, and they stop to appreciate the view….


Then a great radiant light seems to engulf everyone standing there….it seems to  awaken and transform everyone, filling everything with light, with new wisdom and vision…


It seems as if there’s a change in everyone; but although their physical appearance seems the same, somehow you see them differently, as if you can see an inner light shining from within them… the same light in everyone….and suddenly you can understand their point of view, their values and beliefs, as if from the inside out…With a flash of insight, you see how it all fits together into a magnificent whole…


You realize you are seeing with the Eye of Spirit…and you recognize all the other diverse groups as part of something larger and truly awesome… Humanity.

Featured in Soul Light #27