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Spiritual Practice


Family Star Meditation
by Ginger Young


Take a few deep breaths, inhaling peace and serenity. Exhale out tension and worry. Be fully present in the moment. Use the breath to calm and still yourself. Breathe in slowly and deeply for a count of three and breathe out for the same count. Do this three times. Breathe in the moment, let go of the past and the future. Affirm you are present in the Now.

Now see a circle of light and love surround you, emanating from the source of Life itself. See this light pouring in from the top of your head, slowly flowing to all parts of you and into your heart. Pause here and feel loved, supported and protected.

See this energy move down your body. Let it flow downwards, exiting out from the soles of your feet, grounding you to the earth. Connect to the Great Mother. Feel this energy supporting you in your life and personal growth, giving you the energy and strength to do all that you need to do -for your work, your family and for yourself.

See this energy rise up from the Earth back through your feet, slowly up your body, into your heart and back up, connecting you to Spirit, to the Divine presence within all of life. Visualize this circle of love and light expand out from your heart to include your family, those that are in your loving care: your spouse or partner, your beautiful children, one by one.

See them each come in to the circle, your family circle. A circle you have built and now hold for your family. This circle has always been there, but now with your recognition and conscious building of it, the bonds between your family grow ever stronger. Strong family....

See a line of light connecting your heart to your family's heart. Again, one by one. Now breathe in this love, this connection to one other. See the lines of love connecting each of you. Connected family....

Visualize a star above each person head, the light that guides each of their lives. This light is unique to each person. See the light in each person. Let each light shine. Radiant family....

Now visualize a bright star above your family. Connect each person's light to this star which is vibrantly colored by all of the lights representing each person, as each light helps create this larger light, this One Family Star that protects and guides your family.Affirm that this Family Star overlights your lives and that each light is supported and nurtured. Each star is encouraged to shine and to grow in its own special way. See your family star connected to the Greater Light that guides each person in the human family. One Family....

Hold this connection and alignment for five minutes (or however long you feel comfortable). When you are ready, take a few deep breaths, come back to your center, open your eyes and SMILE.

Write down any inspiration or images that may have come to you during the meditation. Know that you can always connect to your star and your family star. Share any thoughts with your family and remember that this space of love and light exists between you and your loved ones in every moment.


Ginger Young
believes in celebrating life and honoring the unique contribution that each man, woman and child can make to the betterment and upliftment of the human family. She is passionate about conscious and joyful parenting and the incredible gifts that children offer to the world. Ginger is a spiritual development coach and educator and is the Director of Operations for The Center for Visionary Leadership based in San Francisco, CA and Phoenix, AZ and is co-owner of the consulting group, The Firebird Group. Follow her blog at or contact her at .




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