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Spiritual Politics
Changing the World From the Inside Out

by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson

(Ballantine Books 1994)
Foreword by H. H. The Dalai Lama



Need a Source of Hope for the Future?

Do you wonder about the hidden, metaphysical causes of crises today?  Is there a link between human thought, collective karma and world events such as natural disasters?  This groundbreaking book will reveal many of these secrets, including the invisible government, the divine guidance behind America's founding and the soul of each nation.  It will give you spiritual tools to create a better world.  You’ll find many practical examples of a new evolutionary politics today and innovative public policies —even in Washington D.C.!

Review of Spiritual Politics by Publishers’ Weekly (July 11, 1994):

“This is a fascinating and involving study of the cosmic, karmic and etheric dimensions of politics, world affairs and current events.  Drawing from the great spiritual traditions, practices and practitioners, McLaughlin and Davidson meticulously present the role of metaphysics in the political realm.  Looking to ancient wisdom for answers to today’s social, economic and environmental ills, they offer a new paradigm of transformational politics: making the political personal through spiritual practice and using this transformational paradigm to change the world from the inside out.  (“We must transform ourselves if we intend to transform the world.”) In uniting politics with spirituality, the authors describe their concept of the Divine (including reincarnation and a transhuman “Invisible Government” of spiritual guides) in the solemn tone of scholarly reportage.  Information-intensive and chock full of empowering suggestions, intriguing stories and uplifting examples of how individuals and groups can make an impact, this thought-provoking assemblage is an enriching, mind-opening book for seekers of spiritual wisdom and political solutions.” 

Read more comments on Spiritual Politics

Spiritual Politics reveals the hidden causes of world events in the light of the ageless wisdom of East and West. Here you can learn how to "Read the Book of Life," as the Native Americans called it, and see the effect of collective thoughts and emotions on our collective social health and current events.

Spiritual Politics provides a sense of hope and positive vision about how to change the world from the inside out--as well as the outside in. It helps you heal the split between social activism and personal growth by showing how a changed person can become a more effective change agent. Inspiring examples of a new, third way beyond Right and Left are presented, as well as innovative solutions to social problems. You will learn helpful techniques for conflict resolution, consensus building, synthesizing hierarchy and democracy and other polarities, multi-stakeholder dialogues, intuitive decision-making and meditation in this truly groundbreaking work. You will also begin to see the work of the inner, Spiritual Government operating behind the scenes of world events. (Based on the book, Spiritual Politics: Changing the World From the Inside Out by Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin, Ballantine Books, 1994, Foreword by H. H. The Dalai Lama, 421 pages.) You can view comments on Spiritual Politics to hear what others are saying about this revolutionary book, or you can read the Table of Contents to find out what it is about in more detail.

Spiritual Politics goes deeply into:


A New Political Paradigm
Instead of seeking to triumph over enemies and greedily achieve more power, this new approach goes beyond deadlocked, adversarial politics to find whole systems, win-win solutions to conflicts that deal with root causes. The best aspects of both sides are synthesized into a higher truth for the benefit of all. Inspiring examples of a new, effective politics emerging around the country are highlighted.


Synthesis of Hierarchy and Democracy
The new visionary leadership expresses a synthesis of hierarchical, top-down approaches and egalitarian, democratic approaches. This new leadership provides a higher sense of purpose and clear direction, yet also encourages a great deal of creativity and independence in others. It presents a challenge that calls for the best in people and brings them together around a shared sense of purpose and meaning.


The Soul of America
Like an individual, each nation has both a self-centered personality and an altruistic soul that embodies its highest ideals and holds the inner pattern for its future unfoldment. But first each nation has to face its shadow--as we are being confronted with today in this country. America's soul is reflected in some of our national symbols--as well as in some surprising places, such as on our dollar bill.


The Inner Side of World Events

World crises and current events can be a rich source of collective learning and spiritual awakening if we're willing to 'read the Book of Life" and explore the deeper spiritual lessons being offered through shared national experiences.

Fascinating insights can be found in the Book of Life, when we look for the deeper meaning beyond what the media usually reports, reflecting the inner forces of collective human thought and emotion and karma at work. The names of people and places in the news often symbolize and reveal deeper issues.


Principles of a New Economics
What are some of the spiritual laws that govern the financial side of both our personal lives and the "earth household"? Understanding the key functions of economic circulation, interdependence, custodianship, faith, and other principles will bring our personal, national and world finances into balance.


Action Items ---What You Can Do:

bullet Inner and Outer Work You Can Do To Help Planetary Evolution
bullet Ask your politicians to sign on to: Principles For Public Life
bullet Link up with others for a noon meditation for our nation with The Call to the People of the United States for Prayer and Meditation
bullet Use the Meditation For The U.S. Government to help transform our government.
bullet Order the book Spiritual Politics book and products on related themes.
bullet Get Updates on the Inner Side of World Events
bullet Email the authors at cvldc@visionarylead.org





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